It started with the idea that our world was just too small.


"Sometimes, you find that the small circle you have surrounded yourself with has only lead to the suffocation of your dreams.  This is where I was when I realized there were more people and opportunities out there beyond what I saw before me.  I bought a mic, started talking, and people listened.  And they wanted to be a part.  And they so desired for collaboration - a path for their ideas and dreams to learn their voice." 

                                                Chad Alexander 


Find out more about the shows we do and the ways you can participate.

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Voice Over

Giving your idea the right voice to connect with your community is easier to find than you think.  

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Coaching and Speaking Appearances

With years of coaching in personal sectors, we get request constantly for personal and professional coaching. Need a speaker for your next event?  You can find a way to submit request for coaching or public speaking here.

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