Finding a Voice

The toughest challenge facing most people with ideas is finding the voice to engage people in their project.  At Local Bar Media, we three areas (podcast, video, and collaboration) that help bring ideas forward in a way that allows for your audience to gather ideas about your message. 



By having your ideas talked about on our shows, or by being on yourself as a guest, you get the chance to reach an audience that is engaged and excited about hearing your message.  Hitting every state and twenty eight different countries, our shows give you a unique opportunity to reach places you never dreamed and meet people you never would have.  



Need help overcoming that huge obstacle?  Got a corner you and your group are just stuck in?  Looking for some answers and just not sure where exactly to start?  Our coaching team takes the same positive ideals we have on our shows to help you find you path to overcoming what life is throwing at you. 



With over 10 years in voice acting and voiceover, we can give your projects a voice that is not only a brand, but a soul to your work.